New Pictures of the all new Lexus RX

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They don’t look as grainy as the previous one.
And the interior looks like it could be pretty impressive in person.
But the exterior is just more of what Lexus has been doing over the years: a weird match of many other designs, including their own.
The result is just another car with zero personality.
And again, the market for these things is shrinking every day.

Good luck.

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  1. Who decided to take away the rear wiper?

    You can get a $12,000 Suzuki Forenza base wagon…it has a rear wiper….why doesn’t this 40,000+ monster have one?

  2. Its probably a japanese domestic base model.
    All the export models will have a rear wiper.
    It looks way better than the other pictures.

  3. I’ve never liked the styling of this, or many other “crossovers.” The round, bulbous styling is the antithesis of sleek. I just call them Gleek-mobiles.

  4. It’s a swoopy Venza with loads of kit and a badge.

    I think these will still be hugely popular with those former ’80s high school girls in the rabbit fur jackets and sideways ponytails’. They went and married investment bankers, moving to shiny McMansions in neighborhoods with no sidewalks. They had a Ford Explorer or a Jeep Grand Cherokee in the 90s, then they “traded up” to the first RX. This will be their third one.

    Of course, members of the Liberal Academic Elite won’t shy away from the RX450h either…

  5. It’s sad how much BS sometimes is discussed here. A lot of misapprehensions turn into half-truth stories. The rear wiper for instance is integrated in the rear roof spoiler. So the RX can keep up with a Suzuki. OK, a design can be liked or not but come on guys….

  6. Looks like the old :odd but overpriced” interior has been replaced by a new “bizzaro Cheap” style.

  7. “This car is so emasculating, Lexus should offer an automatic pantyhose dispenser in it”

    Don’t forget the tampon dispenser as well…

  8. Gated shifters are too 20th century. Can’t Lexus/Toyota get that through their skulls? Infiniti and Acura have already changed, when will they?

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