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Here is the interior of the US version of the Nissan Cube.

A bit better than the weird bench seat offered in the Japanese version. But that dashboard seems really short.
Like you’d feel right against the windshield.
Maybe it’s just the picture, but it might be one of those weird rides….

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  1. Sorry, Vince – I think the US interior looks weird – the Japanese version is at least mor inviting. That center console is out of place and looks cheap. But I guess it all is a matter of taste and personal opinion.

  2. i don’t think there will be problem with short dash. have any of you sat in the wrangler? the windshield is straight up and the dash is shallow but you don’t ‘kiss’ the windshield. quite airy imo.

  3. Short dash like the old VW Beetle…Too bad it is not rear engine like the old VW bus…How wide is this thing? Does it come with a manual tranny?

  4. interior dash looks very very similar to ex35 by infiniti. Everyone loves it in that car, so i’m sure they will here too. I really see nothing negative whatsoever with this. In fact, it looks way better and far beyond any car that will be in this price range. This is a very inexpensive car, but this interior is very upscale. Good work Nissan, really a world class job here.

  5. From what I have seen so far and I hope I’m wrong,
    -no sunroof
    – and that annoying water drop
    head liner would make me nuts looking at.

    I’m not sure they done their HW when it came to what US folks really like, I was really looking forward e-drive and bench seats. I am not sure if I want to wait anymore…rubbish.

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