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At a recent meeting, some of the VW suits gave a few new info on the all new “US only” mid sized sedan that VW will build in their new US plant.
Not that many news really. Except it will be great. Sure.

This is one of the pics from the video presentation. No actual pictures of the car were available.
So we’ll have to wait a bit longer…

I just wonder what’ll happen to the Passat in the US once this is out. Will Europe get a new Passat while we get this???


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  1. The new VW will cost less than Camery or Accord in the base V6 model (and get better mileage) but have worse mileage in high-end trim (but have 300+HP; over 400HP in a GTX version to follow a year later.) It will be roomier and more comfortable than anything from the other foreign makes. Styling will be better than anything from Toyota, Honda, or the US Brands. Reliability will be better than average as will resale value (due to it’s being a foreign car). The car will have 5-star crash protection from evey angle and corner like a Ferrari. Ride will be firm like a BMW. Warranty will be better than any other; with Driveline covered forever. It will be assembled in the US and the profits made and taxes collected will all stay here in the US. Yes, you guessed it — it will be a re-styled, re-badged Dodge Charger.

  2. It will probably be priced 5K higher than the Camry and Accord and fail again.

    They need to give up.

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