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VW will have a new Polo next year (This is still just an illustration).
They said before that the new model would make it in the US as a cheaper and smaller car than the Rabbit.
But I haven’t heard anything about it for a while.
I wonder if they changed their mind…

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  1. Nice! All the little compact cars coming out of Japan and Korea are either overstyled little turds or horribly stale.This clean design looks remarkably chic and purposeful.

  2. I much prefer this to the Fit dorkmobile, despite the Honda’s better reliability. bring it to the US with a diesel. since we are all going to be consuming less, smaller is better.

  3. I think this is one of the better looking economy cars. I’ll bet the inside looks good too. I could be wrong but if we have’nt heard anything lately about it coming to the USA, it might be that VW is doing a wait and see thing with the US dollar. Nobody’s gonna buy an expensive economy car. I also like the new GTI a lot and am looking forward to seeing the new Jetta.

  4. dont they sell a chrysler van in their ads, trying to say it’s german engineered???? what balls, they are headed for disaster! Very disloyal to german roots and their public. In mu opinion, They are lying to the piblic….only my humble opinion

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