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The Opel Insignia looks so good, it can take a Buick grille.

For the Chinese market, where engine choices are:
-2.4 Liter with 165hp. Similar to the one in our Malibu.
-2.0Liter turbo with 217hp. Less than our 260hp version.

So no V6 so far. Not a bad choice, I think.
GM should try selling mid sized sedans with their 2.0 Liter Turbo as the optional engine instead of the V6 in the US as well.
At least try it with one brand.
Like Pontiac.

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  1. This looks really really good.

    Damn you GM for not offering this here. As a Buick or Chevy, this would move. The Saturn version wont do squat because basically Saturns have a boring image, and this wont change it. You put this up as a Buick entry model and a move up to the LaCrosse, and give them both some good driving dynamics, and Buick is transformed. Instead, you just offer the good stuff tot he Chileans and Chinese and you wonder why fewer Americans are buying Cobalts. Fools.

  2. this car is very good looking with a efficient yet potent engine, it will be a popular and sells well

    which means GM won’t do it, if they ever introduce this here they will spend millions of dollar uglifying the look and put a over-sized gas guzzling v6 engine that probably produce less power than the turbo-4.

  3. I am totally speachless at this point. What I see of the GM products in foreign markets is mind blowing YET look at the US market. We are not fools – that is why we purchase foreign products. If they would just take a risk and bring over some of the fantastic designs then I feel that they would sell (barring any further financial collapse). If they were to sell the Opel Vectra sport wagon I would like up to be the first. but since there are no wagons in the US I stick with Volvo (and they are exceptional).

    I don’t have any more sympathy for the US car companies because they are living in the past – big trucks and SUVs (and basically it is our own fault for buying that crap). It is a new day and either rapidly change from the old ways and put out fresh designs or just close shop (and I hate to think of that happening). Why in heavens name does Europe and other markets have stunning GM and Ford products but we are stuck with what we have. Again, I am just fed up.
    BTW, at least Cadillac is not resting on their lees and I would consider the new CTS SportWagon.

  4. This will be the next Chevy Malibu and Saturn but it’ll be delayed to save cash now for GM. Meaning by the time these come here in the US the market will have moved to the next step and these will be old and still birth. GM is so f’ed.

    Hell every time I see the Chevy Cruise I have dreams of a Buick Skylark. But that won’t happen, it would make too much sense for GM.

  5. That looks fantastic. GM ought to sell one version of the Astra here, and it should be this Buick.

  6. Do you think Steve Jobs can save GM?Interesting article that talks about what auto industry needs to have to survive these days: creativity.

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