Peugeot 3008

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The all new 3008 will be a crossover version of the 308.
It comes out in 2009 with a Hybrid version appearing in 2011.

Pretty much the straight production verion of the concept they showed us just a couple of months ago at the Paris auto show.

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  1. Bail them out. I’ve been tracking Detroit as a car enthusiast for the past 8 years and seen a terrific increase in quality in their smaller cars. I just bought a Cobalt and like it better than my former Honda Fit or current Nissan Versa. Lot of good gadgets on it. Detroit is also trying to address the union problem and legacy pension/health benefit issues. They were making headway when the current INTERNATIONAL credit melt-down/financial crisis hit.

    BTW, under the new unionization rules, I think we will see some of the foreign manufacturing plants go union. You only need signed union cards not an election, under the new proposed laws.

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