Porsche Panamera

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Well, I think it looks really good.
It does look like a Porsche, and it looks fast and expensive.
What more can you want…

Engines will be:
-3.6 Liter V6 with 300hp.
-4.8 liter V8 with 400hp.
-4.8 Liter V8 Twin Turbo with 500hp.
-V6 Hybrid with 350hp.

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  1. don’t like it, it has strange hunchback…

    smart idea with the hybrid, hopefully, the hybrid engine will be available on all other models.

  2. Vince, you think that looks “good, fast, and expensive?”


    I think it looks at best awkward, lumbering, and not expensive at all. Almost like a Chinese attempt at making something, only these days the Chinese are doing it better than Porsche.

    Let’s face it: for almost 50 years Porsche hasn’t produced anything new or nice design-wise. Anymore, they are just a bunch of has-beens living off their one-hit-wonder design theme that is basically a tired post WW2 carry-over from yestercentury. Design-wise, Porsches are about as innovative as Crown Victorias.

  3. It’ll sell.

    I mean, the Cayenne sold and that was ten times uglier than this car.

    Money does not equal taste.

  4. why no boxer 6 or boxer 8??? why does porsche always make the mistake not to stick to the boxer???

    the 928 failed because of this… the cayenne is an SUV, nobody cares if it has the boxer or not, but the panamera is a 911 with 5 doors and much more room, but it wants to sell the 911 heritage… but without a boxer it will sell, but not as well as the 911, and for sure not as long as the 911… (ruffly 60 years now…)

  5. The front and rear three quarter view look good it’s just the side profile that look a bit odd. I find it odd that Porsche did not use a numeric name, as other manufactures have gone alpha-numeric.

  6. That is UNBELIEVABLY boring and predictable there… they got the proportions all wrong and for whatever reason, even though they were making a “4-door coupe” thing, they decided to make it more accomodating for rear seat passengers and raised the roofline… and totally killed the looks

  7. No, Vince. It does not look good.

    It is, as we all expected, bloated and ungainly. But it will sell, because of the badge it carries. Which is a measure of the demographic Porsche has courted for some time now.

  8. It does not look very attractive in these pictures. I am sure it will look better in person. Porsches were special and one of a kind cars 10-20 years ago. Now in the race of who is coming our with more horsepower and the recent Japanese supercars, Porsche is one of many. And they know it.

  9. Sorry but this looks like something from the 80’s to me. For some reason it reminds me of a 4 door 928.

  10. Porsche might have stopped using numbers after 9/11
    and might fell bad that one of their cars has 911.

  11. Probably the last thing Porsche needs right now. They have missed the boat by a couple of years with this. Its 989 all over again.

  12. I do think the car looks better than I thought it would, but I also think the back looks weird. It almost looks like a stationwagon. I say stick with the Maseratti.

  13. i warned on this site last year that porsche was making a huge mistake with this ugly, fat 4 door hatchback…it “WILL” fail

  14. As some poster said earlier, if the horrid Cayenne sells the way it does, this will sell too, no question about it. I have to admit that, after all those worrying spy shots, it looks better than I thought it would. But if I had this kind of money, I would definitely still wait for the Aston Rapide, or the BMW CS, or the Lambo Estoque…

  15. No. I don’t think so. It ruins the 911 lineage. It looks like some aftermarket attempt at a 911 stretch limo. This was a stupid move. They should have designed a new 4 dr sedan that didn’t look like a stretched 911. At least the back end should have been more sedan like. I don’t think this is going to be a big seller. Disappointed.

  16. I am a self made millionaire ( well it’s my father in laws cash), I rarely work, I eat the finest, I smoke cubans, I wouldn’t buy it

  17. I eat insects at the pond.
    Well, look at my avatar–I’m a duck, and I wouldn’t buy it either. QUACK!

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