Prius Coupe coming up???

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This new rumor comes from Motor Trend.

And I would love it to be true.
The new 2010 Prius is supposed to get a larger 1.8 Liter engine. Perfect for a little sportier ride.
A Prius coupe would be great as a 21st Century Celica.

As far as the design is concerned. This illustration shows a straight 2 door, sportier version of the upcoming 2010 5 door model.
But Toyota has been known to surprise…
Remember how many though the 1st Lexus coupe was going to look like a 2 door version of the 1st Generation LS sedan???
Toyota fooled everyone with the 1st generation SC.
It was a great looking car that didn’t look at all like the sedan.

So maybe….

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  1. A Prius Coupe would not look like that, Vince. Toyota will find a way to make it look retarded, putzy, and boring as hell like they do with all their cars.

  2. great…
    even more smug tree-huggers going 45 in the fast lane… holding up the rest of the world

  3. Vince….I don’t think Toyota will do the thing that you said anymore. Toyota is heading to the UGLY….the more uglier the car can be, the more possible they will choose to sell. Look at their current line up….the only decent looking car is FJ (for its purpose).

  4. The reason the Lexus SC didn’t look like the Lexus LS was because in Japan, they were two separate vehicle lines.. the Toyota Soarer and the Toyota Celsior. They weren’t designed together to be sold as a unique brand, at that time Toyota just picked a few of their JDM donor models to become Lexuses. Now that the Lexus line is also sold in the home market, they are being styled more similarly.

  5. i’d agree with every other blogger in saying that toyota (and honda to some degree, though the s2000 and civic look pretty good IMO) has lost whatever design flair it had in the 1990s. toyota is playing a cautious game when it comes to styling rather than a fashion forward one

    besides, with prius-like hybrids requiring a aerodynamic bodystyle, the car has to have a sleek, sporty roofline.

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