Subaru TC???

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It seems that the Toyota version of the upcoming new RWD coupe designed with Subaru couldl be sold in the US as the new Scion TC in 2010.
The engine would be a 2.0 Liter with 200hp.

We’ll see…

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  1. RWD Scion? Is the world ready for such a thing?

    On another note, I do find it interesting that they changed their mind in making this model Subaru only in the US.

  2. It would make sense given its small size but autonews reported earlier that Toyota would revive the name Celica. So not sure yet as it may still be discussed and finalizing financing was also still a problem last time I’ve heard. It may take a while…

    I still hope Toyota would revive the 6th gen Celica or Supra in addition and not the last tiny compact Celica. That might be an option with this becoming the tC…

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