Tiguan based Seat SUV?

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Why not, I guess.
After an “old A4” based sedan, Seat looks like it’s ready for more slightly changed VW models.

I am not sure how popular the Tiguan is in Europe, but I sure don’t see many of them around here.
I guess a cheaper version might help. Or not…

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  1. I know I’ll be on my own with this but I like the front end better. I’m sick of the current VW look right now. Of course that black clading on the side is from the Pontiac parts bin. Hey, SEAT the US can use a cheaper version of VW!

  2. This is not speculation. This car is well on its way and should be in showrooms in spring of 2010. It will take styling cues from the Seat Tribu concept of 2007, but it is not known if it will be called Tribu as well or if it will have a different name.

  3. too small in cargo area and rear seat, rough ride, noisy. By competitors standing, no contest, Nissan Qashqai, Renault Koleas ( Nee Nissan Rogue) have it beat!

  4. why can you buy two different versions of the tiguan in europe (one that looks the same as the u.s. version and one that looks more rounded and off-road ready) and not in the states? hell, why not just offer the butcher, better looking version in the states instead of the nose-heavy version we’re stuck with

    i think the tiguan is priced so high because the dollar is so weak. for my money, i would rather have a forester or vitara

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