Volvo S60 Concept

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Sure. A “concept”.
But just like they did with the XC60, this is pretty much what the new production version of the S60 will look like.

I hear the car is larger than the current model. To distance itself from the S40.
But wouldn’t that make it closer to the S80?

We’ll see….

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  1. Looks very much like the Jaguar XF. I wonder if some of the designers stayed with Ford when Jag was sold off and now are working at Volvo

  2. Fuuny ya never know what to believe
    they kept saying there gonna stop selling the s60 cause the s40 is so big, although those rumors made no sense to me ! and when i first saw this pic i immediatly thought about the jag xf , sooo if they build this and sell it for around 25-30k it will be a major hit ! but knowing dumb ford and volvo thell price it above the s80 and it will be a flop !!

  3. I read that the S40 & V50 will be replaced with one slightly smaller 5-door model, so the S60 doesn't have to grow much if At All.

  4. I wish Volvo would simplify their model nomenclature C, S, W versions of 30’s, 40’s, no wait, that’s a 50!: it’s all too confusing. No wonder Volvo sales are in the dumper.

    Volvo, just go with one letter, and one numeric for each size and give it a rest already.

  5. I had an S60R and my mom has a new S40. The current S60 is considerably larger than the S40. I think there was discussion about getting rid of the S60 because the S40 prices were being pushed up because of exchange rates… pushing the S60 into a price in which it couldn’t compete. Anyhoo, I think this looks good and I think they do need a Saab 9-3, CTS, G37, 3 Series competitor.

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