VW Golf Hybrid concept

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They did show a Golf Hybrid concept last year. But this improved version is based on the new design.

Its about time. Seems like everyone is chasing Toyota. The new Prius next month will be their 3rd generation of a production hybrid.
And a giant car maker like VW can only announce a production version of this for the 2012 model year.
It uses a small 1.2 Liter diesel with an electric motor. And it is a plug in.
It is supposed to be able to run on electric alone for about 35 miles. And top speed (electric alone) could be about 75MPH.

It will still be 2 years behind GM and Toyota.

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  1. Correction: Every one is chasing Toyota,Honda, and every other car maker who have the brains to have a electric/hybrid already in their line up. The volt is miles away from being born yet. By the time it is released no-one will give a toss.

  2. Diesel/hybrid……what’s this thing gonna get, like 1,000 mpg? This will be possibly one of the best hybrids you can get. Problem is diesel hybrids are expensive. I’ll take this over a Prius any day.

  3. In Europe, the VW Polo bluemotion (diesel) gets 74 mpg and has a 10-gallon tank. Recently, Richard Hammond drove one from Basel, Switzerland to Blackpool, England – 750 miles – on one tank of diesel. He did it in a hypermiling competition with Jeremy Clarkson in a Jaguar XJ6 TDVI diesel, and James May in a Subaru Legacy diesel wagon. The whole thing was done for the UK television show called Top Gear.

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