2009 Pontiac G8 GXP Price

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It will start at $40 000.
Options are a sunroof for $900 and a 6 speed manual for $700.

Not cheap for a Pontiac sedan. Even one with over 400hp.
The “regular” V8 model with 362hp goes for $32 000.
$8000 is quite a lot to pay for not that much more. Plus you can get the G8 for much less right now.

GM claims they want to turn Pontiac into a “niche” brand. So I guess the GXP is perfect then. A car that very few people will buy.

On the other hand, GM is actually happy with the G8 in general. They are thinking of spending less money on Pontiac by basically turning it into a “US Holden”.
I think it’s a good idea. Holden has a smaller sedan coming up within a year that would make a great G6.

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  1. I wouldn’t object to the “American Holden” image. We could get a Monaro in the form of a GTO, a Ute in the form of the G8 ST. But that smaller Holden you mentioned… I saw the Torana concept from a few years ago, it’s BRILLIANT. That car, with say a turbo 6, would be their volume car. Looks great, too. I’d buy one if they built it.

    Just needs a better name. Tempest?

  2. how about a manual transmission the regular v8 gt model?!

    still, 362 horsepower (getting 17/25 MPG) in a fullsize sedan loaded for 32000 is pretty much unbeatable

  3. It’s O:K, but for another 4 grand I’d take the 425 HP Chrysler 300 instead.

    Thats if chrysler is still in business.

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