2010 Ford Fusion grille

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It seems to be the most controversial element of the new design.
But also the only original one.

So here it is in all its glory.

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  1. Im sure it will sell well – If Ford can stay in business. I can’t get a sport suspension with the I4 or stick – WTF?

  2. I can’t believe I’m uttering these words but “this is the best car from Ford since the original Taurus.” Although it might be a bit too late for Ford. They need to lower the price a bit and undercut the Accord, Camry and Malibu to really move this.

  3. Last month in Novemer I saw the 2010 Fusion up close at the San Francisco International Auto Show.
    I’ve never been much of a Ford guy, however this car reall looks good. The facelifted front and rear on the simple but clean body really looks good. If Ford stays afloat and the hybrid model really gets the estimated 37 city – this car will be a winner.

  4. Start showing bigger pictures please. Btw, where did you get these? I wanted to see some larger versions for detail

  5. It’s simple and agressive. I like it. Much better than the ugly mask Toyota has applied to their new “Venza” cross dressing personal sport utility car vehicle.

  6. Look at all these new Ford lovers! I admit, I’m part of the party too! I just wished the rear didn’t look like the 2005 Focus. But it’s still better than the rear of the ’08 Focus….and Fusion.

  7. This screams Ford Falcon of Australia! I used to see these designs from there at Visteon back in the day. Just a rehash of what they should have carried forward about 8 years ago.

  8. Will all these ‘loves’ generate sale for ford?? I doubt it.

    The full chrome makes the front looks too heavy for a small car. Maybe thinner bars might look better.

    In the last pic, are those wheel covers?

  9. I saw this car at the Central Florida Auto Show and I must admit this car looks great in person. Between this and the Flex Ford might have won me over.

  10. I really like the front and I hope Ford has a hit
    on their hands. That being said, the rest of
    the car is a bit blah, the side body panels
    scream 2004. This will be replaced by
    the next gen Fusion/Mondeo though in a
    few years, along with the Euro Focus
    and the new Fiesta!

  11. It doesn’t matter what it looks like because people will buy it just cause it’s a Ford…No…Wait……

  12. I’ve got a 98 Accord that has to die first, 210K miles on it. Runs great.

    Might take a couple a few more years to kill it or too much to repair. Original clutch, exhaust. Will need a timing belt in the spring.

    But, if I was in the market today, I’d give this a look.

  13. Nice. I really like the hoodline,the grille, and the fender wells… The rims in the first image aren’t too bad, but the other ones? Brrr…

  14. loose the tacky rounded-vertical- rectangular-stack lights, add a acura-ish mass grill, and bingo, a sedan that could return customers to ford!

  15. i love it…im all game for only American Cars now…especially Ford…we need to stop buying foreign shit…we already do that enough

  16. “Cheap econobox looking.”

    We’re obviously not looking at the same vehicle then!

    Something I noticed on the 2009 Focus coupe, it shares the same bottom air dam as the Fusion, but they made the Fusion’s less bulky. I’m assuming the Taurus will have it as well. I love how they are sharing the American and Euro design together, because that air dam shape originated with the new Fiesta (that’s the first ford I saw with it anyway).

  17. The simple 5 spoke rims are awesome on the silver car, but it kinda looks like a Saab 9-3 and Acura TL in some angles. But It stacks up well against the Malibu, which isn’t very sporty compared to the new Fusion.

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