2010 Ford Taurus interior

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I think it is, so far, very impressive.
I am not sure they needed to surround every single switch with a chrome ring though… But still.
For a car in this price range it seems really nice.
Although I was disappointed by the 2010 Mustang interior in real life, I still think the Flex is great. Inside and out.

Let’s hope it gets decent mileage and isn’t too large for the current market.

Plenty of pictures if you click on the title.

We’ll see the real think within days…

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  1. You hope it isn’t too large for the current market? Not everyone wants a fit or a prius. The size of a vehicle doesn’t necessarily make it more or less efficient. It’s the powerplant under the hood as well. A family of 5 isn’t going to fit in a sub-Accord size car. Most midsize sedans can achieve over 30 mpg with 4 cylinder engines. The Sonata can get 29 mpg with the V6. I’m not promoting large land yachts. That would be stupid. Just want good size vehicles with roomy interiors, performance, and great gas mileage.

  2. Both the exterior, and glimpses of the interior, remind me of the Lincoln MKS, which isn’t a bad thing.

    Too bad Ford and GM are just now starting to “get it” re: making quality cars, when they’re on the cusp of bankruptcy.

  3. The current Taurus is a full 12 inches longer than the Camry. (202 VS. 189).
    The new one uses the same platform. So it won’t be any shorter.
    And it won’t offer a 4 cylinder, like all of its competition.

    That’s what I mean when I say it might be too big.
    Sure it might be a bit roomier. But all of its competitor will get better mileage from their base engines, and none of them will be as big as the Taurus. (which is even bigger than the Avalon)

    I ‘m not really sure if in 2009, that many people still think “bigger is better”.

    But hey, good luck to them.

  4. that is why u have the fusion vince to compete with the camry and accord…and this is gonna be a avalon competetion….i dont know why people complain so much about ford cars…i like it so do many…and i m waiting for both the fusion and this to comeout before i make any decesions…i m looking between this the fusion the new maxima…i like the accord but they messed up the headlight- way too big- and the 5 speed though i wouldnt have minded…it doesnt even offer a sport shift…

  5. Wasn’t taking the “bigger is better” mentality. But smaller isn’t better either. Just think it is funny that all these car companies are rushing to bring out all these tiny micro cars that get a couple more miles per gallon when they should be focusing on more efficient power plants and more aerodynamic styling. The current Taurus with FWD gets 28 mpg on the highway. That is surprisingly good for a car that size. Why should anyone have to sacrifice comfort and space for a tiny engine in a tiny car that get maybe 32 mpg when there are plenty of cars out there that are roomier and get 28+ mpg? The trend for 2009 and beyond will be higher efficiency (direct injection, diesel, hybrid, electric) for vehicle of all sizes.

  6. Interior looks right out of an 80's Lincoln. All that's missing is a smoldering benson & hedges in the cigarette lighter.

  7. why wuld tou get the ugly honda or toyota when you can get this for the same price the 4 cilinders are just for small foreign crap this american v6 will smoke them and yes her we do like the larger cars because we can afford them unlike the poor slobs around the world gas is cheap and roads are wide so we enjou nt mth this looks like a full on luxury car it i will be great the tausur will again will be the best selling car in america like it should be toyot a cant trick the numbers anymore

  8. I like the front half of the car but I’m still trying to figure out the back half, especially the c pillar and the rear bumper. The interior looks great. I saw new pics of the new LaCross and Although it’s probably a smaller car, I have a feeling it may provide strong competition for the new Taurus. Both are great looking cars so far though.

  9. Had a Tarus in ’89. Haven’t liked any of them since. Haven’t bought a Ford since ’89. This however, intrigues me. Damn nice dash. Not so much of the cheap Jap-like plastics on the dash. More MKS. Less Camery. I like it. I can hardly wait. Mabey the Infinity I now have will be my last Infinity for the next 20 years.

  10. Americans prefer SUVs to large cars…The Impala is a rental car but this is too nice for that…It won’t sell.

  11. I like the size of the Taurus and I really like the dash. I wish the MKS had a dash with more wood like this Taurus. My main issue with the MKS is the flat black plastic on the dash. Me thinks me might like the Taurus.

  12. imho the new Taurus looks wonderful – In & Out.
    though I also kind of feel that full size cars need to be in the Premium and Lux segments.

    I've seen a lot of posts with people comparing this Ford to current & future Buicks or other above-mainstream brands…
    …maybe Ford has ALREADY moved up in their perception

  13. ” Anonymous said…
    You hope it isn’t too large for the current market? Not everyone wants a fit or a prius. The size of a vehicle doesn’t necessarily make it more or less efficient. It’s the powerplant under the hood as well. A family of 5 isn’t going to fit in a sub-Accord size car.

    Yes, a family of 5 can easily fit comfortably in a vehicle smaller than our current Accord. They have been doing for years in Europe with no problem.

    I think the Taurus looks fantastic but they really should try to slim it down a bit. I can tell you that the 28MPG highway rating on the current one is B.S. I had one as a rental recently while in Tucson on business and I never got above 21mpg. Not impressive.

  14. The Europeons are brainwashed into small mindedness so everything in Europe is small and they all like it that way.

  15. A family of 5 isn’t going to fit in a sub-Accord size car.

    Depends on what you’re doing. I consistently carry four adults to work (plus me) in a 2001 Civic without a problem or complaint. And I’m 6′-4″.

    If we were going on a long trip, we’d want more room. Then, we’d rent something else instead of driving some ridiculous tank around the other 99% of the time.

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