2010 Hyundai Sonata

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Sketch from the Hyundai design dept. The top car looks to be a sporty version of the i30.

Sure is pretty optimistic, but if you compare it to the previous spy pictures, it does match.
The headlights do seem to be that big and aggressive on the real car.

The current Sonata is already a very nice car. This should really become one of the most serious contender to the Camry/Accord crowd.
Except there are still plenty of people who will never want to be seen driving a Hyundai.
No matter how good they get…

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  1. Uh oh….almost looks Corolla like. I hope Hyundai doesn’t turn into such a boring brand, but what they put on paper and what they actually make have never matched, so I find that as a good thing this time around.

  2. Vince, this is the sketch of the soon to be released Elantra Touring Wagon not the upcoming 2010 Sonata.

  3. The “rendered” spy pics I’ve seen
    Vince post look VERY good. If it looks like those, it’s going to be very good-looking indeed!

  4. Again, the top car in the illustration is the Elantra wagon while the one at the bottom is the new Sonata.

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