2010 Kia Sould price

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It will start at $14 000 for the base 1.6 Liter car.
It does include ABS, air, power windows, power locks and a stereo with a USB plug for your iPod.

The 4 speed auto is $1000 more.
That is almost $2500 less than the Scion Xb!

The top of the line Sport model with a 2.0 Liter engine black and tan interior, Sunroof, 18 inch wheels, better sound system etc.. Will go for $17 000.
That seems to be pretty good.

But, I did sit in the Soul Sport at the Auto show and was pretty surprised how cheap the interior looked.
Maybe I was expecting too much, I don’t know. But $17 000 is still $17 000.
And the interior materials were very cheap, and hard.

So, a cool looking car. With cheap plastics inside.
Nothing new, is it….

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  1. Shorter term buyers: Factor in the probable Kia resale value (compared to that of Scion) and I wonder what will happen to the $2500 savings…

    Longer term buyers: How will this compare to a Scion when both have covered 70,000 miles?

    Vince-we know which is cheaper. Which is the best value?

  2. Aren’t they suppose to update the auto to more gears?
    My dealer got a bunch of them in and I will look at it tomorrow. Just a shame that no AWD option is on the list.

  3. I’d prefer a Suzuki Swift if I were you… I had a Kia before and man it was a nightmare… resale value is no better nowadays… sigh…

  4. I really like this car! I saw it a couple weeks ago at an Outlet Mall in Cabazon, CA. Really cool in the flesh!

    For those of you who are hating on Kia, they’ve come a long way from when they first launched. My friend owns a Kia and he’s really impressed with the fit and quality!

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