2010 Nissan Patrol

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With the Armada being canceled soon, some people are saying the next generation old fashion/ body on frame/ trucky Patrol might make it into the US.
I’m not sure.
It competes around the world with the Toyota Land Cruiser. Which is pretty much the same market as the Armada.
And that is a shrinking market in the US.

I guess they would save some money by offering the same thing all over.
Who knows…

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  1. these ugly jap truks ddont sell because theyre not as good as a good old chevy or ford or dodge truckd american s cant be foold by cheap crap like this one it looks so bad like something out of china

  2. hey doucher i thought you died, like gm and all other american companies are, anyhoo, this beast is perfection. ten times better than any escalade or tahoe. hey don’t forget your mom said t.v off at 11 in the basement.

  3. Looks very much like the new Toyota Land Cruiser. In fact there is a white one in the background of third picture, with its split tailgate opened.

  4. Maybe generic, but much better than the over-sized disproportion QX4 and Amada (USA MADE w/ bad quality).

  5. this is built and put together as tight as a Seiko, Nissan Rocks. Great replacement for armada etc… it will be here, built by Japan. A great alternative to Caddy buyers. Here , they can buy a better looking , better built vehicle. it has and shows class, not like a caddy – me too hockey head/ movie star mentality. By the way, GM won’t even be building anything soon, just like defunct Chrysler or crisler, I can’t remember how they used to spell it.

  6. This will be the next-generation Infiniti QX.

    Thanks Vince! It’s a lot better-looking than the Lexus LX!

  7. Lovely piece of kit, like a boulevard suv, i love it, it’s all about the engineering with nissan . that’s where they have VW beat!

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