2010 VW Passat???

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Now that all the new VWs are getting the Scirocco nose, I guess the Passat is next.

This is what it could look like on the larger VW sedan.

Why not…

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  1. Weren’t people on this site saying Honda stole VW’s style for the Insight? That was maybe 3 months back… Hmmm. Seems like the situation is clearer now who stole what from whom.

  2. If this is real, then I’m confused. They’re ditching the pronounced upper and lower grille design in favor of one that’s more disjointed looking? Seems odd. And what’s going on with the Passat four-door “coupe” and how does it fit into the current lineup? I mean, this looks good, but I am just not understanding VW’s brand positioning right now.

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