2011 Lincoln MKX

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Maybe. Who knows.

This looks like it would fit the new Lincoln “look”.

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  1. I used to love Lincoln, the previous navigator, the ls, and the aviator. I was okay with the zephyr and the mkx, but wasn’t thrilled. The only thing Lincoln got right is the MKS, which is amazing. Other than that they managed to mess up the entire line. The 2010 mkz looks like an old persons car. I’m sad for Lincoln.

  2. So does that mean an Edge refreshening is on the way too?

    Although I didn’t like the looks of the MKX, this just looks flat out bloated. It’s like an MKZ front end grafted on.

  3. um.. WHY??!! this redundant platform stuff is getting old. It’s just a luxed-out Edge. Please Ford, stop doing this, and make more unique vehicles without resorting to dressing up another car that exists! thanks!

  4. Just what Ford needs…another rehashed, refaced model.

    This just gets sillier as they ask for billions of taxpayer dollars.

    Let Ford eat cake.

  5. cubedtothex – This is a photochop – not the final version. So, yeah, it is the MKZ grille grafted on. All of that wasted space under the grille doesn’t exist in the next model. The cues are right – the execution is wrong.

    Couple things – 1) the Lexus RX is just a tarted up Highlander, the Acura RDX is a tarted up CR-V – why isn’t Ford allowed to do it? 2) The next MKX is supposedly going to have a distinct powertrain from the Edge. 3) Ford isn’t actually asking for a loan from the government, just a LOC in case GM’s bankruptcy takes out its supplier base.

  6. This one looks less creepy than the current one. Are Lincoln buyers creepy or something? I know a lot of them are retired government employees.

  7. WTF? Are we looking at the same picture? This car looks fine. Nicer than the current model. If anything it looks like a Lexus RX which you al lknow is a big seller for Lexus. Front and back end look a lot more sculpted which will help differentiate it against the squared of Edge.

  8. Looks fantastic! I’d love to see the new Edge.

    Any thoughts on if Ford will make a hybrid version of either of these??

  9. First off, that photo isn’t even accurate.

    But besides that, I’m convinced there’s nothing American marques can do to satisfy a certain segment of commenters out there on this site and many others. Every move, every revision, every all new machine is met with bitter, loathsome comments that don’t even slightly hide the obvious disdain they have for American brands.

    If they all should completely fail and your country is handed over to the Chinese (they already own your economy anyway) please look squarely in the mirror.

    I’m not arguing for patriotism just for the sake of patriotism, but only for a shred of objectivity and perspective before hitting that submit button.

  10. Man the grille sure looks like somone gave them a few billion dollars! Wish I had a smile like that. Wheres my check?

  11. Re: The comment about the RX being a tarted up Highlander and RDX a tarted up C-RV.

    I won’t debate the subjective nature of “tarted up” but clearly none of the japanese models share roof and door panels.

    The Ford/Lincoln products are identical twins with one wearing heels and makeup.

    The Japanese are atleast fraternal twins. Same DNA but different enough to not be confused by anyone with decent sight.

    Personally I kinda dug the current MKX’s grill. It and the headlights were interesting. I find I like cars where the headlights don’t wrap around the side…. leaving a longer fender line thus extending the visual length.

    Of well, this isn’t a terrible update if it is indeed close to what an update would look like.


  12. “The Ford/Lincoln products are identical twins with one wearing heels and makeup.”

    Add Mercury to that list as well.

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