All new BMW Z4

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All I can say is that it looks great.

Modern and a little bit retro at the same time. Very classy.
What a great looking car.

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  1. I’m a BMW fan in general (own/owned 2), but I’m not so sure about this one. I think I like the current Z4 better, which is not saying a lot. I do really like the current Z4 Coupe, but it’s too small for me to fit. I’ll need to see proper pictures from all angles to make a final call.

  2. The Z8 also looked like the 507, and people ignored it. That was a great injustice, because it was beautiful

  3. The answer to every middle aged womans dreams. A chick convertable BMW. methinks it needs more Testicular design ques like wide fenders with large wheels and tires to match. This is supposed to be a performance road sculpture right?

  4. Except for the Z8, this is absolutely the best looking Z yet. Much better profile than the current Z. I’ll take mine with the twin turbo engine, please.

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