All new Hyundai Sonata

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I guess it might be a 2010 or 2011 model.
And it does look a lot slicker than the current one.
Pretty close to that illustration I posted a few days ago.

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  1. i bet passat cc people will be happy to see this. another exact mercedes copy. Hey imagine if you were dumb enough to have already bought a passat cc and saw this……..whoa good luck selling the me too cc in a few years.

  2. wow… just wow… lookin good already. they have gotten a lot better at aping the germans and japanese, though the trunk looks kinda small.

    is that a portico, santa fe, or tuscon parked next to it? i’m hoping it’s a tuscon as it badly needs a redesign, and the position of the grille looks a bit “junior”. but it’s probably more likely that its the santa fe, as it and the sonata share a bit.

  3. I just noticed that entire parking lot is covered in brick pavers. Labor must be really cheap there.

  4. They use the same brick work over in Germany…It is Labor Unions stealing by legislating high-labor-cost brick work.

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