All new Mazda3 Hatchback Video

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What a boring video for a very nice car.

I will be driving this in a while and report on it as soon as possible.

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  1. Holy crap, that looks hideous. Looks like the current 3 with a very bad body kit.

    I really like my current 2007 3s Touring HB, but I am finding this new version quite ugly. I like the idea of more room and a 2.5l engine with more power and better economy, but it just looks bad to me.

    I was planning on buying a new car once mine is 3 years old and the warranty expires (1/10). Looks like another 3 may be off the list.

    I must say that Mazda’s parent, Ford, has some nice things in the pipeline. Fiesta looks great, and the Fusion redesign makes a fairly attractive midsized sedan look even better (just make the interior of equal quality!).

    Where are you going Mazda? 🙁

  2. the more I see this car, the more it looks like a Subaru to me…

    I wonder how fast the old model goes out the door to get the new one in…

  3. @Nathan…

    I was going to write all that but I think you summed it up pretty well. Agreed on the comments about more room and bigger motor. HOWEVER, the design is a huge step backwards. The rear looks awful and the front schnozz makes the care look like a manic, mouth breather. I predict a front end “refresh” next year in 2011.

  4. >Nathan said…
    > I was planning on buying a new >car once mine is 3 years old and >the warranty expires (1/10).

    Nathan why would you do that? The only benefit of that is to lighten your wallet and deplete your savings.

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