All new Mercedes E Class

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Even though these are actually official pictures, it seems we have seen it before.
I guess this is for the faithfuls. The older people and the European cab drivers.

And it seems also very shiny.

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  1. MB is stuck in a design rut in the same way Jaguar was stuck until they broke out of it with the XK and XF.

    Mercedes really needs to move on…

  2. Oh this is really bad, a mix of Kia Rio, Toyota Avalon and the late nineties Infiniti Q45, yikes.

  3. Of course all this criticism comes from people that can´t afford a Mercedes. Which one would you take at same price: Genesis or E-Class?
    It probably depends on whether you are Korean or American. The Koreans would take the Mercedes.

  4. Mercedes is for folks that grew up with baby sitters and never had enough attention from their mothers. They are craving it now….

  5. What a heap of sh*t. Styling all over the map from last-gen Toyota Avalon, last-gen Chevy Mali-blah and last gen Infiniti Q-boat.

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