All new BMW Z4

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I think this looks great.
It even has a little bit of the old Z8 feel to it. Especially inside.

I think I want one…

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  1. It must be good. It’s the first BMW (besides the 3 series) that didn’t need time to grow on me.

    The Z8 was the last one that I instantly liked.

  2. Amazing – BMW has achieved the polished / integrated rear-end look of the integrated hard top that Mazda should have on their MX-5 Miata. Thumbs-up BMW !!

  3. I hate BMWs. I think they are ugly. I never cared for the Z3. I thought the original Z4 was an abomination.

    That said, I really like this car. Like I’ve never liked a BMW in my life (except for maybe the BMW 8 series). This thing is hot.

  4. very nice!!! by far the best interior bmw has come out with in a loooong time…. outside looks great too… not a huge change but a nice rework

  5. I really like this also, the best z4 yet ! and i want one bad, and would have been very happy if they just copied the z8 rear end and put it on this..

  6. I think the interior looks fantastic! It’s the first BMW interior I’ve seen in a long time that doesn’t look like it was taken from a 1980’s Toyota.

  7. I’m so used to hating on BMWs for the past six years, but I think I kinda am lusting after this. This is beautiful!

  8. I have an 07 Z4 and I was not going to buy another convertible (at least not such a small one) but this is pretty hot. Unfortunately, it also looks more expensive, especially that stitching on the dash. Probably more than I will want to spend. LOL.

  9. This is better than the super ugly previous Z4, but that is not saying much. The only truly good looking car in BMW’s entire lineup remains the 3-Series coupe

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