Another picture of the upcoming Mercedes E Class Coupe

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Besides the black tape on the lights, there is no camouflage on this one.
You can even see the 3rd little window by the rear pillar.

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  1. I changed my mind about the pseudo-flame surfacing on the side. It’s meant to look like a brushstroke…but that ridiculous, out of place fender flare makes me feel like i’m going to have a stroke. Throw all the bells and whistles you can at this Merc…it’s trying way too hard to have cachet. Throw it in a rap video adorned with shiny, scantily clad, malnourished women and you’ve completed the picture.

    The Audi A5/S5 and BMW 3-series coupe are the new benchmarks. When my ’05 A4 lease expires in March, I’ll be test driving the A5.

  2. as over-priced and performance lacking compared to some of the current competitors the cars might be, mercedes really knows how to make their cars to achieve the look that will convince even ppl without any car knowledge to know that you drive something expensive.

  3. It looks good with the exception of the reverse Lincoln Town Car Quarter window on the rear glass. This distracts from its clean lines and is completely unnecessary.

  4. I think this car will end up looking much better once we see it without all the camo. I like the way the grill sits upright instead of swung back. However, that back fender flare I’m not so sure of.

  5. The car looks good, but it would have looked as good without the rear wheel arche bulges IMHO. Also, the lower character line tapered down towards the front makes the car look unbalanced (dipping forward/front-heavy). It’s used on countless cars these days and I really don’t get it. Compare this to Rolls and Bentley, they have a snobbish profile because the charcter lines are tapered in the opposite direction, as if they have their “nose” in the air.

    Oh and that thirs window has to be fake!

  6. Man MB has really lost the plot. One turd after another.. CL, S, MLK, GLK, now this- That completely out of place rear fender bulge is just bizarre.

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