Bologna auto show. Toyota Avensis

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That babe is way too skinny…

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  1. Can’t someone there give her a sandwich or something? Ahhh, she would just go puke it up anyway.

  2. Did anyone else try the pricing on these through the BUILD feature on Toyota’s website? The final price is Lexus territory. I thought this was supposed to be a Camry derivative.

  3. At least the front end (especially the grille) is slightly better looking than what we’re getting.

  4. This is a vehicle that is smaller than a camry, it is about the size of a mazda6. The sell great over here in the UK.
    This will do great as well.

  5. Give that woman a Bologna sandwich!

    The car, like every current Toyota, looks like it has Down Syndrome.

  6. Sandwich, schmandwich! A spare ketchup packet would be a meal for this chick. Just dont throw it – the car is apparently the only thing keeping her upright.

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