Chevrolet Cruze in production

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In China….

The engine plant for the US version has been delayed. Again. So we won’t see one for a while.
But in China, production started this week.

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  1. I like this car today, and maybe next year also, but I think when it finally gets here it will look “tired” as a design.

    What gets me is the following:
    They designed this to be USA-legal and built a factory overseas to supply the world with it also, and the world car market has hit the skids so that factory has excess capacity which means they can utilize that extra capacity to send some of these stateside very soon, but they won’t.

    Right now I’d say a sale is a sale, and they need the bucks. Get this to market sooner and not later.

  2. Obviously, this means that China could afford to produce more GM engines. Sad that we can’t.

    This is a sign that China will purchase GM and take ownership of all GM products.

  3. I think GM in its infinite wisdom should delay this decent car as long as it kept the Godforsaken Cavalier for. By the time Cobalt was introduced, the name Cavalier was so eroded that GM had to change the name of its new car entirely.

    Good going GM, design a good product and introduce in your home market a good year or two after being introduced worldwide. If only GM NA had spent half the effort and brains as it did in China, it wouldn’t be in a pickle right now.

  4. Hopefully the “Little 3” can go through a reorganization and abolish the UAW which has been the catalyst that has put them on life support. Then unemployed workers from other industries can be retrained and hired by the new “Little 3” at salaries competitive with the other “Transpants” in a union free environment. As far as former laid off auto workers go, they have been paid very high wages for so long, should have seen this coming and been saving their money for this day of reckoning. Ron Gettelfinger can move to Vegas, the land of smoke and mirrors where nothing is real and become David Copperfield’s new assistant. (Or an Elvis impersonator)

  5. Wow, even China gets it before us.
    That’s just sad. I guess GM doesn’t
    care about Americans, they’ll just
    feed us whatever crap we’ll buy.
    Which is why GM should die,
    or at least go into bankruptcy and
    come out more humble, less arrogant,
    and overall more competitive.

  6. I DO love how everyone forgets that the new Ford Fiesta is out right now in Europe but we have to wait another year and a half at least to get it. But at least Ford is trying to make their Focus abomination work for them now, they have made a number of improvements with the 2009 model over the 2008. The Cobalt hasn’t had a change..ever, and it came out at the end of 2004. Even the Mitsubishi Galant has had a FEW changes since then. Well, even the Ford Econoline has seen some changes….that’s pretty sad.

  7. GM will be 100% chinese soon. Think about that , The General will become General Tao , or Kung Pao General. The american general has died.

  8. GM no esista said…
    GM will be 100% chinese soon. Think about that , The General will become General Tao , or Kung Pao General. The american general has died.

    December 22, 2008 8:35 AM
    No, chairman Mao instead…

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