Chinese company interested in Volvo.

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Chinese manufacturer Chang’an is said to be talking to Ford about buying Volvo.
They are already partner with Ford and produce the S40 and S80 for them in China.

Could Volvo actually end up in the arms of a Chinese owner?
What do you think???

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  1. Yeh, they have the money, why not. Poor Volvo, people in sweden must be rolling over, the job loses are going to be severe.

  2. I think most of their loyal customers would be turned off from buying another Volvo if the parent company is Chinese. Just as I think Jaguar buyers will be turned off from that brand which is now owned by Tata of India.

  3. Don’t do Bjorn! Your brand will get tarnish. I know .. most parts are made in China anyway just like Ikea’s stuff.

  4. Makes sense because Volvo is familiar and Chinese car companies are not.

    Would be a tough sell–Swedish meatballs with soy sauce?

  5. Ford is retarded to consider selling Volvo. Now that Aston Martin and Range Rover are gone, Volvo is the only brand Ford owns that’s remotely appealing.

  6. Most people don’t understand where their cars are coming from…and if they put out a really boxy ugly car, people would just think it was a retro Volvo.

  7. That’s what I would do…Rename it Rolro and tell the world it’s pronounced Volvo…But then I am twisted.

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