Honda kills the next NSX

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Honda has decided to stop development of the next NSX model.
A car that was actually supposed to come out pretty soon.
So that decision is costing them quite a bit.

And its V10 engine will probably never see the light of day either. They are also talks about canceling work on the new V8 for the next Acura TL/Honda Legend.

They will soon post their first operating loss in over 10 years.
Things are bad for everybody…

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  1. It’s a pity, but I don’t think they will waste it, acturally, they will hold the design and release it when the economy bounce back, look at Lotus, they held the Evora for 10 years, the Honda design will not go to waste. As for the V8, I think they make the right decision, who will buy a Acura these days, and a big Acura, it’s a good decision they make, I think they should kill off the Acura brand will be a sound decision too.

  2. of course they did, like toyota , they cower under nissans control of the auto world with the GTR, impossible to beat!

  3. The only car that I was actually looking forward is now canceled. It is now official, we are doomed.

  4. i thought honda was the only brand to not show profit loss over the past few months. two of my local dealers are actually selling CRVs and civics at sticker price…

  5. Like other posters above, I think it doesn’t make sense to cancel it altogether, they will probably just postpone it. The previous NSX lasted like 15 years in the market. I certainly hope that the crisis won’t last that long!! And when things get better and people are ready to spend monay again, they are going to want this car, so it would be absurd for Honda to scrap it completely.

  6. Just install the 4 cyl turbo engine from the RDX with hybrid assist and ressurect the Prelude name. Then build the FC Sport concept and call it the “NSX”.

  7. Anonymous said: “two of my local dealers are actually selling CRVs and civics at sticker price…” I think the word you’re looking for is “offering”; if they were actually SELLING them then Honda wouldn’t be swimming in so much red ink. Just take a look at all the rented lots up and down both coasts with unsold Toyota’s, Honda’s, Nissans, BMW’s, Lexuses, Mercedes’, etc. etc. The only difference between Japan and Detroit is that Japan’s MITI government board is handing cash to auto makers like there’s no tomorrow!

  8. “cower under nissans control of the auto world with the GTR,
    impossible to beat!”

    Nissan have no control. They are way down in the sales rank.
    There are more hyundais sold worldwide than nissans.

  9. yes and you would judge a carmakers success by sales volume, then you must love or work for GM, thats been successful for them, grow up. Nissan is #1 in quality, maybe pick up a consumers report once in a while, nissan does rule the car world baby!!!!!!

  10. Of course a Nissan fan would say that. True their sportscars are pretty good but the rest of their range are rubbish. Too much renault influence has tarnished nissan there.

  11. rubbish are the non existant british cars that have died. ALL of Nissans lineup are class leaders. There are renault and nissan engineering collaborations, that just makes ’em both betta Guvner!

  12. I think people are missing the point here. every 10-15 years, some financial crisis comes along and all the high-end, over-powered supercars get hammered since no one can afford to buy, insure, maintain, and fuel them. In the 90s, the….RX7, supra, MR2, 300ZX, all got dropped. only to be resurrected in the go-go years after 9/11. the NSX didnt’ need a V10, it didn’t need a ho-hum front-engine rear-drive format. The NSX in my mind should be a 9000rpm tour-de-force of Honda engineering with a MID-engined chassis. As soon as honda/acura lost sight of this fundamental fact…….the NSX got confused and muddled, with insiders fighting over and possibly being just plain confused over what direction the car should take. previous comments are correct, who cares how good the car is going to be, how many people are actually going to buy and DRIVE these pieces of “crap”?
    make something that will be timeless, cheap, and affordable. bring back the CRX!!! Bring us a Del-sol Generation 2!!!! This is one of the reasons for the lasting power of the Miata. Mazda didnt’ screw it up by taking it up-market with more power and weight. It has stayed true to it’s original “raison-d’etre” and that has prevented its death in the market. REMEMBER, it was a big meteor that killed the dinosaurs. I’m not sure why the MBAs at the car makers can’t figure this out, but every 10-15 years in the world economy, something nasty always happens and bloated models get killed.

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