Lexus RX in the flesh

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It doesn’t really look better than the last time I saw it, at the auto show.
That front and alone is hard to swallow…

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  1. I’m probably in the minority here, but the Japanese arn’t going to be able to survive on a quality reputation alone forever. Most Japanese cars are being redesigned with absolutely NO STYLE whatsoever! This is just the latest example. I’m sure it drives nice, and is made well, but I’m sorry, THE THING IS UGLY!

  2. The last version was none too pretty, and this one goes well beyond ugly. Is Lexus copying the Chinese now?

  3. Sometimes I wonder is car designers of popular models get together and say “let’s see just how stupid and sheepish our customers are” and they go on to produce the most hideous monstrosities imaginable and then sit back and laugh their butts off while the sheep pay good money for their garbage. if this sells, that is what happened. Guaranteed.

  4. Just wondering that nobody recognizes the truth about this Lexus! It is not a car!!! It is obviously an amphibian vehicle…

    Audi Q5, BMW X3, VW Tiguan. All better build, much more handsome and more fun to drive. The Japanese made it to the top but now their irreversible demise started. The best of “Value cars” will come from China (and Skoda,yeah) and “Premium cars” from Germany – sounds simple, but that is how it is.

    Bye, bye crazy UAW (who killed the exciting US-car industry) too!!!

  5. Lot of today’s Chinese cars are designed in Europe, they’re certainly not American’s taste.

  6. Why do car companies hire ‘stylists’? These ‘people’ are almost always self-lothing human-hating elitist retards and their designs show this.

  7. Toyota is trying to squeeze out an extra half mile per gallon with aerodynamic design…Pointless if the thing is too ugly to sell.

  8. that is the worst design ever from a major car company. ever. this is a horrid mix of every crossover design cue possible.

    though not exactly a tremendous fall from grace, lexus, no, toyota motor corporation can do better

  9. The first gen LS400 was the only stylish car from Lexus…The rest have been stupid child like. Hyundai Genesis will get uglier from here too as the ‘stylists’ try to be ‘original’.

  10. Ew. I think we all agree that this piece of
    crap is ugly. and people will still buy it
    because it’s a Lexus. sad.

  11. it looks better with less obnixous paint, smaller wheels, and a black interior (it looks pretty good to me in this shot). the back end looks better than the current car, but there’s no doubt that it does have a sever “overbite” front hangover.

    toyota is worse than lexus, though. i say nissan, subaru, and mitsubishi have a chance to outpace toyota/honda since their designs are so much better

  12. This will be gobbled up by bland people who live in beige houses with beige furniture and beige offices and bored children.

    Mowed lawn? New RX.
    Tossed salad? New Infiniti FX.


    I’m actually quite shocked at the level of detail in some places of this car, exterior and interior, and the complete lack of equivalent attention to detail in others. Everything seems to have been done for a reason, but some of those reasons seem to have been “get it done for deadline! Now, dammit!”.

    The first RX, with its between-seats storage space for that Gucci bag or kids’ backpack, was an appropriate blend of utility, technology and “near-lux” touches. This cabin looks in these pictures like fifteen people from Subaru and Mitsubishi worked on it and didn’t talk to each other. What happened to the folks who put together the LS460 cabin? I don’t care if it’s in the $70,000 price point now. This isn’t even worthy of being a tarted-up Toyota. The new RAV4 is more interesting.

    I believe Infiniti and Acura will get some new customers after this debacle hits the showroom floor.

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