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This was one of the best looking car I saw at the Auto Show this year.
I just wish I could find a way to get one to drive for a while….

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  1. It’s a great looking car but overpriced. I suppose that’s the cost of limited production. Just a thought, this car has a Toyota V6 in it. Isn’t the engine the most expensive component of a vehicle in terms of development and production. Would’nt if be possible to produce a cheaper front engined sport car based on a shortened existing body. I’m just saying Toyota, Ford, Honda, or GM are you listening.

  2. I too think this car looks great. But I cant beieve they did’nt at least use the IS350 DI v6. Maybe it’ll be an option. It also would have been nice with GM’s HF v6 or Fords equivalent v6. I do like this car though.

  3. The design is 10 years old now, I remember they talk about using GM enigne back then………..and nothing happens, and now we have this…….a bit a loss chance I guess for Lotus

  4. Isn’t this a carbon copy of the design from the Tesla Roadster, but with a hardtop? It looks nearly identical. Then again, wasn’t the Tesla based on the Lotus Elise?

  5. my first car was a Lotus Europa. there is just nothing like a midengine car. A reliable Japanese engine makes it all the better. this is what the new NSX Acura should have been…

  6. I totally agree with anonymous 12/11/08 12:59am(dude get some sleep). Acura should have done something like this Evora for it’s NSX. I believe that was the original mission for the NSX….to have Acura make an affordable Ferrari. And in this economy I think continuing with that mission would be better than making a super expensive car that not many people can afford.

  7. The Evora is stunning. The details on the car, which really can’t be seen on most pictures posted thus far, are really what makes this car stand out.

    As far as the engine is concerned, remember that Lotus has had a relationship with Toyota for over 25 years now. The Elise does use Toyota powerplants as well. The 3.5L used in the Evora is enough to get the car to 60 in less than 5 seconds (faster than the Cayman S). Lotus has already announced that a supercharged version is planned and pics can be found of the engin on other forums. That should be good for between 360 and 400 bhp. That chould firmly place the car in the Carrera Turbo range.

    Lotus firmly believes in the mid engine configuration for their cars. The Excel (their last 2+2) and the Elan (m100) were the last cars that they built that were front engined but since then they have recommitted to a more pure sports car arrangement. The Evora is unique because it is the only 2+2 mid engined car in the world (the Carerra is rear engined). Balance and handling on the Evora are beyond approach.

    Pricing for the US has not be announced mostly because the car is 12 months away from it’s introduction for North America and exchange rates could change a lot between now and then. Assume a car with options to be in the $75k range.

  8. uuuhhhh…..ooohh yeah…..I forgot about that relationship with Toyota in the Elise. Good info. I would still like to see that IS350 DI v6 make it into the Evora. Supercharger….heck they should just put a rocket motor on it. And yeah $75k seems about fair for this car. This is a great looking car.

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