Mercedes “BlueZero E-Cell Concept”

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That’s quite a mouth full.

And one of the ugliest car designs I have seen in many, many years. Just when you thought these guys couldn’t do much worse with the MLK. They top themselves.
This reminds me of old Citroens from the 70’s. Or even the 60’s.
In a bad way.

And this is said to give us hints of what the next Mercedes A Class and B class might look like. The current B Class is quite a boring design. But the A Class is really nice and modern looking.
None of them nearly as offensive as this thing….

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  1. Vince…it’s a concept. Ease up. It ain’t that ugly. The back is actually pretty cool looking.

  2. This looks way better than the disgusting current A class any day. Not a fan of those stupid eyelashes in the headlamps though. They remind me of the retarded LED whiskers on the new Audis.

  3. I can’t believe that no one has mentioned how the body side surfacing is a blatant rip-off of the BMW roadster.

    Mercedes has totally lost the plot.

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