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Mitsuoka usually puts out the most horrible designs ever. All regular production cars converted into pseudo retro monsters.

But I kind of like this new one. Obviously based on the Miata and trying to look like an old Jag.
A 21st century Clenet???

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  1. I might be among the minority who likes Mitsuokas… but yeah, this one looks really cool. There’s a Mitsuoka showroof opposite my office, but they don’t seem to have this model yet (will wait to get a glimpse) =)

  2. It’s not completely horrible. Kind of like those fake 1985 Excaliburs made out of a chopped mercury Cougar. Kinda cool, but silly and pointless.

  3. I’m with you Vince. I also usually find Mitsuokas ugly but this one is certainly an exception. I have to say it’s one of the best-looking retro coupés I’ve seen in a while.

  4. Nice looking. Of course these days people expect a pretty high lever of safety too. Probably will have the same crash test results as a 1979 Clenet — or worse given how much lighter this probably is than the old Clenets. On the other hand, we Americans do buy an awful lot of lead-infested plastic toys from China. Mabey our greed will continue overwhelming our opinions on consumer safety and this beautiful new death trap can become a huge sales sucess in the US!

  5. Prowler stable mate?
    Nice kit car for under $10k though.
    Just add miata or better yet Honda motor.

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