More Mazda3 hatchback photos

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  1. Aside from the interior, they have completely ruined this vehicle. It looks like a clown car with a cartoon face.

    I’d still take this over a Corolla, but not a Civic…

  2. From the side it doesnt look any different over the previous model. Apart from the 1/4 glass in the rear door.

  3. Yuck! When I downsize from my current Audi A6, I may have to go for a GTI or A3. I was hoping for more from the new Mazda3.

  4. I wonder who will win? Subaru Impreza or Mazda 3 for the worlds ugliest hunch back. OK the Subaru wins hunchback award. Mazda kinda cool. So what do auto makers know of art and sculpture?

  5. Mazda has a problem because the current 3 is so good. This isn’t all that revolutionary in comparison. Still, way better than any Corolla or Civic.

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