More pictures of the new Chinese Buick Regal

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A good looking car that sure would look nice in our US Buick showrooms.
It’s not like Buick has too many new or cool models to sell.
The Lucerne is on its way out. So the new La Crosse and the Enclave will be it for Buick.
I can’t think of anything else coming up any time soon…

This “Opel Insignia with a Buick grille” looks really nice.
No V6 offered in China so far. But that would be even better here as a sub-La Crosse model.

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  1. This is the new LaCrosse…The LaCrosse is uglier and the line on the side of the LaCrosse is just stupid.

  2. While I agree it looks very nice, and I like the interior, the new LaCross’ interior is much more luxurious than this so I’m not sure it would fit Buick’s new “mission” in the states to be a Lexus fighter. Besides, does Buick need two Epi II cars in the same showroom badged as Buicks? I guess this would be positioned below the LaCrosse. If this isn’t going to be the new Aura, then I think it would suit Pontiac better as the new G6.

  3. This car (original Opel Insignia)looks quite okay on pictures but like a milksop in reality. Chrysler is dead already (while the US-government throws still billions of dollars into the throat of the greedy, overpaid and corrupt UAW workers – hey aren’t Honda workers in the US as good but getting paid less?) and GM will follow. Better let them fail and give Ford several new customers that wanna still buy “American” cars. In Europe Ford isn’t that bad, although the competition (VW, particular in the competing price-range with her daughter Skoda) is building even better cars.

  4. This is typical GM. Like Ford, they have the right cars, just not in the right markets.
    I am seeing all kinds of advertising that GM now has on TV, pushing cars that no one wants. How much is this costing the taxpayers?
    GM, wake up, look around the world at your other divisions and see what is out there.
    Your experiment with SATURN should not be an indication that imported cars don’t work. You just need to get in the right cars, at the right time, not a car that has been in production overseas for 2-3 years before bringing it to the USA.

  5. The new LaCrosse is goofy looking just like the people who buy Buick…The Chinese have more class.

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