New Buick Regal launched in China

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Again, this is basically an Opel Insignia (car of the year in europe, by the way) with a Buick grille. And the choice of just 2 engines so far.
A 2.0 Liter and a 2.4 Liter.
This was supposed to be our next Saturn Aura.
Now that Saturn’s future is “uncertain” to say the least, who do you think could sell the Insignia in the US?

It can’t be a Chevy because of the Malibu.
A smaller Buick?
A new Pontiac?

What do you think?

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  1. Its a Buick already isn’t it? It makes a great smaller Buick. Buick will be the winner out of the GM Madness…

  2. Why couldn’t it be the next Malibu?

    The front screams Malibu…just put the bi-level grille in the Buick’s spot, and voila!

    The new US body is usually a few years behind the Euro anyways, so why reinvent the wheel, just for American Markets?

    Vince, it really would make perfect sense that this is the 2012 Malibu…

  3. If this is the Insignia then it is about 190″ long by 73″ wide.

    LaCrosse, G6, Malibu, Impala.

    This is a mid to large car platform that can be used almost anywhere.

  4. The route GM was taking with Saturn just made Buick redundant. If they are going to import Opel’s from Europe they can price them higher as Buick’s without having to price down the nice interiors.

  5. This is basically the new Buick LaCrosse except the LaCrosse is more goofy looking…especially the side line over the back fender is not straight across.

  6. I’m not crazy about the Buick grill. I read on a car website that, (sorry I can’t remember which one), the Insignia is coming to the US, just not as a Saturn. It said it may come here as a Pontiac. Perhaps a G6 replacement. If they do that I just hope they don’t screw up the front end. The front of the Insignia is one of it’s best features and I can just see some design team “F” up the front end just so they can put the twin nostrol grill on. I would very much like to see the Insignia here in the US though.

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