New Golf Plus

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We never had the Golf plus here in the US.
A sort of a taller, roomier Golf. With a different interior.

But now that the regular Golf is “new”, this one had to be updated. They gave it mostly a new front end. And some new equipment.
I must say the new VW front looks really nice. But the rest of the car is pretty much the same.

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  1. If and when the electric motor is available for the rest of us along with AWD, I would think this would finally be perfect for US folks.

  2. this is the vw i would actually be interested in if it had a sporty trim level – not the new CUV. Hope it swims across to the US.

  3. Yea, the Tiguan is nice but this is more of a true VW: small, nimble and large inside. The Routang or whatever VW calls it that is base off the Caravan should be dropped like old diapers.

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