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So we know, this is so far just an illustration.
The Sonata should be redesigned in a little over a year. And from the spy shots I’ve seen, this seem to be pretty close.
the seem to be doing what VW should have done. Instead of having both a Passat and a Passat CC, they will go straight for the better looking one and make it the main model.
A great idea.
This would look better than most mid sized sedans out there.

The current Sonata was a huge step forward for Hyundai, and I’m sure they’re not taking anything for granted….

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  1. Them there south koreeans are starvin more than them there dirtroiters…This thing looks better than that freaky malibu.

  2. I know DJ is a troll and all that, but DJ you DO know the difference between N Korea + S Korea? Right?

    You don’t?


    Unless you are advocating a war between both sides to rectify the situation. I’d like to hear more on this from you. Your posts are so intelligently written, I surprised you’re not in some think tank somewhere trying to save the world.

    S Koreans have a life expectancy of 78.64 years, the US 78.14.

    CIA World Factbook.

  3. Making a “coupe” family sedan is more niche than anything else. The reduced rear headroom would be detrimental to sales. While it will look cool and make the 20-somethings want to buy it, a more practical family in it’s 30’s or 40’s wouldn’t want to give up that rear headroom. Especially if one of them is going to be traveling in the back seat with a baby or the inlaws visit frequently.

  4. My guess is its a chop (far side tires are off the perspective), but that does not mean it is a bad design. The tail-light shape is a bit too generically bland and it seems too long. If this vehicle sells in Europe anywhere, I also doubt the front wheels could be that far forward given their safety regs.

  5. The Koreans are doing the half-used-bar-of-soap style of design that everyone else grew tired of after 1995. Looks like an old Lexus.

  6. The Audi roof is nice. (Those hard horizontal lines above the handles and below the rocker panel are starting to look familiar: Lincoln MKS/BMW 3& 5 series, Acural TL, …)

  7. Without DJ’s nonsense this blog would be less interesting. DJ don’t listen to criticism about your utter stupidity, just keep being your hopeless self.

    Oh yeah, I forgot, nice car.

  8. The lack of headroom in the rear is not a problem with this car…there is plenty…It is an optical illusion

  9. I find DJ to be kind of like the retarded kid with the challenging behaviour who upsets the genteel tea party by pissing on the table in front of the guests. A bit of chaos can indeed be entertaining.

  10. You have to give Hyundai credit. They’re not just sitting around hoping for the best. Every new or replacement vehicle they come out with is obviously better than what they had before. That new Sonata looks GREAT. And it WILL be a very nice car. Hyundai deserves our respect.

    Craig!! :o)

  11. Vince, please tell your friend Douchbag Jones that North Korea (where there are reports of widespread hunger) and South Korea (where Hyundais are made) have been separate countries since 1948. By the way, while South Korea’s unemployment rate in 2007 was 3.3% and their economy grew at 5%, the US unemployment rate was 4.6% and our economy grew at 2%. Closer to the issue of hunger, life expectancy at birth is half a year longer in South Korea than it is in the US. (Statistics care of the CIA: )Vince, aside from the typical incoherence of D.J.’s contributions to your blog, in this case I’m surprised you thought it’s okay to publish such blatant racism.

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