Next Infiniti M Sedan

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The next M is due within a couple of years. And it is rumored to grow a little bit.
Making it much larger than the current G sedan. The M is now the top of the line sedan for Infiniti, with the slow death of the Q45 while ago…
I just hope it turns out a bit more original and aggressive than this illustration.

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  1. Looks like a photoshop of the last generation M. Is infiniti trying to go backwards in styling like BMW appears to be? If so, BMW is much more successful.

  2. So for their encore, Infiniti is going to copy the Camry’s design? Even I could come up with a more realistic illustration

  3. I hope they pretty much improve everything. One of my coworkers has a ’06 M35X and it has been pretty unreliable as far as Japanese cars go and it has a few cheap bits in the interior…

  4. This screams Maxima+Camry+new E-Class.

    I wonder what the front will say. The body looks identical to what’s on the road today….even lexus changes the body style every so often!

  5. Ooooh, I hope this isn’t so far along that they don’t have time to change it. This is really bad.

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