Nissan Z Roadster review.

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I think this is still a great looking car. Sure, it is a bit goofy with the top up.
But that doesn’t happen often when I drive a convertible. And I think in this case, it looks kind of old fashion. It sure isn’t slick looking, and I hated it when the car came out, but I could live with it.
Top down, it looks amazing.

Again, the small changes from a couple of years ago improved things a lot.
This is the exact same interior as the coupe I reviewed earlier, but with leather seats. And they seem even better than the cloth ones.
But again, no iPod plug. Although that’s fixed in the all new one coming out soon.
Otherwise, it is still a very nice and well made interior.


The ride is firm, but it does seem smoother than the coupe. I am fine with it in both cars. Even the coupe is never too hard.
So this is even more comfortable.
I must say I was coming out of the Miata Special Edition when I drove the Z, and the ride in the Nissan was so much better it was amazing. The car also felt so much more substantial. Especially on the freeway where the Mazda felt very unsettled.

Just like the coupe, the steering is great. Very firm but never too hard. With great, almost too much sometimes, feedback.

The 3.5Liter V6 is an amazing engine in every car I drove. They were able to give it its own personality in the Z. So it doesn’t feel or even sound like the one in the Altima or Infiniti models.
A great job.

Just like the coupe, my test drive had the 6 speed manual. And it is a “manly” transmission. With a pretty unforgiving clutch.
But it is very precise and so much fun.


I think the “current” Z is a great car no matter what the version you pick. And a great daily driver too.
No wonder there are so many around.

The one I drove costs around $39 500. ( A Touring version) CarsDirect has them for about $35 500.
A pretty good price for such a great car. And by now, you could get a very good used one for quite a bit less.

I can’t wait to see and drive the all new version of the Z. But for now, the roadster is still the “old one”. And it is still a great car.

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  1. why would anyone get this ugly crap when you can get t a corvette a legend for the price of a car

    t hese things dont last pasr=st 20000 miles .. the tipical jap car ugly not reliable and too expensive

  2. thanks for making me laugh jones! 🙂 hahahaha..

    you argue yet you cannot even spell. Doesn’t lend much credence to your position if you cannot even sound educated!

    thanks for the laugh!

  3. I don’t think this is a very good looking car. Top down or up. The details are clunky. The interior is horrendous. Thankfully, it’s being replaced with a vastly better one soon.

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