R.I.P Ford Taurus X

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The Former Freestyle had really no reason to be, after the launch of the Flex.
So this was just a matter of time.

Production of the Taurus wagon will stop in February 2009. Remember, we will see the all new redesigned Taurus in January.
So it isn’t really a surprise. The new Taurus production should be starting shortly after the X goes away.

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  1. I’m glad to see Ford (and the domestic automakers in general) starting to make some reasonable decisions. This makes sense even if I’m not a fan of the Flex.

    My real question is: We’ve seen lots from Ford and GM, but what’s going on at Chrysler?

  2. I had one as a rental, twice, while in Arizona on business. Loaded with people and luggage it was incredibly comfortable and very versatile.

    While the Flex is a better vehicle overall, this one still wasn’t bad.

  3. The sad thing about this, after the redesign with the new transmission and engine, the was a wonderful vehicle! I’ve known for awhile that they were going to replace this with the Flex, but they are in different price ranges. They seriously want too much for even a Base Flex. The only SUVs Ford needs are the Edge, Explorer, Taurus X, and Expedition. Although overall Ford is going in the right direction, unlike GM (they are trying but just barely) and Chrysler (little to no real effort at all), I think trying to push the “Flex Fad” will hurt more than help them. It’s funny that I think of the Taurus X as a more conventiol vehicle than the Flex although when the Freestyle first came out I wondered how such a creation came to be (I later learned that it’s exterior design is heavily based on a RWD Austrailian Ford SUV), but a refreshening melted away all the ugly.

    This will be the best deal on the lot for awhile.

  4. What a shock. Given the Underwelming success of the similarily-configured Mercedes R-class, Cadillac SRX, Pontiac Azrek, (& Chrysler Pacifica: which can't seem to sell even WITH uncharastically high levels of Quality, fit & finish, Safety ratitngs and (in Pacifica's case) an absurdly resonable price (given the car's ratings, design, specs, reliability and safety ratings). I don't think the public knows what to make of these things. Mabey the UGLY new Camery-based tall wagon will do better. Toyota customers tend to not look past the Brand name — kinda like the steadfastly loyal drinkers of Busch Beer.

  5. What if Ford built a really good car and still nobody showed up to buy anything from Ford….OH Wait!

  6. It is not going away…They are going to tweak it a little bit and it will be the new Ford Explorer.

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