Should Burlapp “Detroit or not Detroit”???

Last Updated:

-Not that many new cars and concepts
-A weird depressing mood
-I don’t need to actually be there to get the news

On the other hand:
-Some really cool new cars
-Maybe some good looking female journalists
-I’m invited

Should I go?

You tell me…

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  1. Only if there paying you airfare and hotel, otherwise id skip it ! ive been to either detroit or the la show since the late 70s every single year and this year i didnt even go to la show and i live in so cal !

  2. It would be really cool to see exclusive pictures and coverage from the auto show …I think you should go

  3. It will be an interesting opportunity to measure the mood at the show. The present times are making us to look more frequently at the larger picture and see the industry under the light of he global impacts and economic basis. Those are the real factor that most auto-journalist are considering these days and can be seen in some of your last posts. if were me, I wouldn’t pass the chance. Who knows if there is a 2010 Detroit?

  4. hey vince-
    sure go to detroit, if they’re paying, why not?! Plus you can report on how the space without nissan, suzuki, and others was used in their absence! I think it’ll be a funky show with the economy the way it is. Think of it as reporting on a strange environment. We’d love to know your take on it!

  5. I have gone that last 7 years to NAIAS, the show is pretty good, but, detroit is a hole. According to recent stats it has plunged to the #3 most dangerous city in the USA, from the top of the list. So when you taking your evening stroll you can put you mind to rest.

  6. Spend your money howeveryou want. Your news is just another rag on the net. If it was all Japanese in Cal. you won’t be posting this trash.

    Actually I’ve noticed your just a lemming, nothing new, just your take on passing along sometones work.

    Yea, suck it up. waste your money, cause your site is my waste of time too.

  7. Yes Vince please go! You can park at the Greektown Casino for free and then hop on the PeopleMover to take you to Cobo Hall. You really won’t have to go outside at all. The new hybrids and electrics are going to be there so we need you to get us some good pics.

  8. Female Journalists are assholes (Journalist-Politician-Asshole, What’s the difference)…But the showbabes are there!

  9. Vince, nice bait for the faithfull. You know that you are going with or without this useless back and forth. Right

  10. Vince, I really appreciate your website and I check it more than once each day.
    Please go to Detroit. You never know what you might see or who you might meet. It’s all part of being an auto journalist.
    I grew up across the river from Detroit and if it were me, I’d be there in a second. Thanks and Happy New Year!

  11. Vince,

    go to Detroit, but stay in Canada…then you can say you went to another country…etc.etc..etc…

  12. Go Vince!
    I went to NAIAS 2008 during my fist Detroit visit. What an eye opener! Rode bus in from airport and saw miles of shuttered businesses/derelict homes. European tourists on my bus gasped, commenting amongst themselves “how could USA have place like this?”. Once at the show, The most spectacular auto displays in the USA were a sight to behold. New York and LA don’t compare!

  13. I think this is the most important year to go. A lot has happened and you should let us all know wtf is going on in motor city.

  14. The thing is, I did go last year.
    And my schedule might not allow me to go this year.

    It is a paid trim that wouldn’t cost me anything by the way.
    So I am leaning towards going.

  15. It is worth going just for the car babes…get lots of pictures and try to get them to flash a titty…or two…but not three cause that would be gross.

  16. Vince – your faithful readers from here in Michigan would love to have you come visit us in Detroit for the 2009 NAIAS. We’re down, but we’re not out. You might find the mood more “determined” than “depressed”. Why not come show your support for our domestic auto industry? They’re close to finalizing plans for a brand new convention center in Detroit to ensure the success of the show for years to come. And it’s nice to see that the organizers of the show and the American automakers take you seriously in the realm of automotive journalism. Clearly many people from all over the entire world – including the great State of Michigan – rely on your blog for information and news on upcoming vehicles. Please don’t drop us off your list of engagements. Now more than ever we need your support!

  17. That is the best argument ever, supporting the show, the state of Michigan and the domestic auto industry.
    Thank you.

    I will make my travel arrangements.

  18. No….you should not go…’s cold everywhere there….from the city to the the show floor. They are all COLD. And, don’t waste your time.

  19. Vince,

    Here is the best argument of the day, we want to see you literally in Detroit. After all the years it would be nice to see a few snap shots of you or talking on video. I think that should also be your NEW YEARS RESOLUTION to us fans.

  20. “Vince – your faithful readers from here in Michigan would love to have you come visit us in Detroit for the 2009 NAIAS. Now more than ever we need your support!”

    Vince, did you right this invitation from Michigan to yourself? Last time I checked your name was not exactly…. Bernanke or Paulson!

  21. I would love for you to go to Detroit, but I don’t want you to get cold, Vince… here is what you do:
    – take a flask of Baccardi 151 with you
    – sip as you get cold
    – we’ll forgive you for blurry pictures

  22. Every day for the past few years I’ve read your web page. More often than not you are right on the money…and even better your always willing to give your honest opinion. I won’t be at Detroit this year, but I sure you go because I’d like the real scope.


  23. Vince….this “Vince – your faithful readers from here in Michigan would love to have you come visit us in Detroit for the 2009 NAIAS. Now more than ever we need your support!” is exactly the same kind of argument that Bush used to ask American to support him to go to the war after the 911.
    If you oppose it, you will be called un-American, or un-patriot.

    Vince, you don’t need to prove to other people that you are a real car guy or not because if they don’t like you, they will try to find the every possible reason to discredit your passion about the car. Be wise.

  24. People will pay big bucks to fly in from Toykio, Germany, Korea, China, England, Italy; … but you’re time is probably more valuable than that of the heads of BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus, Masarati, etc, etc. So while ALL of them will be there, I’m sure you have more important places to be — like the gay movie stars who own Priuses and eact only Tofu convention in the Pet World parking lot in LA that week.

  25. Come to Detroit, Vince. Show everyone the good cars that the US auto makers are working on. We need some good publicity. I’m laid of, and half the people I know are also laid off, and none of us work directly for the auto companies, or got buyouts, or made anywhere near the money people seem to think everyone in the industry gets paid. We’re all just regular folks trying to pay our bills and survive. We’re not arrogant, overpaid executives.

    Get a ticket for press day, though. The regular public days have always been incredibly crowded when I’ve attended.

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