Subary Legacy Concept

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Coming up at the Detroit Auto Show next month.
Take out the LED headlights and add some real rear view mirrors, and you’ll have most of the next generation Legacy sedan.
A good car that was never able to even compete with the Camry/Accord crowd.

I wonder if the next one will be able to do better…

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  1. never able to even compete with a Camry/Accord? WTF! The Legacy is a class smaller than those two – a class that doesnt exist in the US of A – MEDIUM CARS. Cars in the US have to be made bigger for the US compared to everywhere else, yet they are cheaper. LOSE SOME WEIGHT!

  2. Gee Vince, Do you think Subaru will upgrade their automatics to reflect the sign of the times, or will we still get a 4 speed from the 80’s? Also, What’s up with their slow acting vehicle stability assist? My grandmother can respond faster in a blizzard than the system they use on their current lineup!

  3. This looks great. I agree though that it was never really a competetor as much as I liked the current model. It was never big enough, too expensive and it used a bit too much gas. Hopefully Subaru addresses these issues on the next gen car.

  4. Subaru needs to learn the Legacy will never compete with the Camry sales figures. The people that buy the Camry are thoughtless automatons that do not want anything in a car beyond it being soft, reliable. boring and un-innovative. If Subaru makes the Legacy that, it will loose its current buyers while still not getting many Camry buyers to switch.

  5. “still get a 4 speed from the 80’s?”

    EXCUSE ME but isn’t that what “innovative” Toyota still uses in its 2009 RAV4 4 cylinder? I guess if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

  6. looks liek subaru and suzuki (and hyundai) will have some pretty good midsize sedan designs by next year

    vince…how about reviewing a subaru?

  7. More rear seat room without actually making the car bigger and heavier would be nice. Have you seen how much room there is in the back of a Honda Fit? It is possible.

  8. This is the best front yet by far. It makes it look interesting, almost muscular I dare say. I say, bring it on.

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