Tiny Opel SUV coming up

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This looks to be based on the Trio concept from a couple of years ago.
That would be nice to see this here as well. As a competition to the Scion, Cube and Soul.

It probably won’t be a Saturn but it would make a nice little Chevy…

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  1. Odd. It doesn’t seem like it comes from the current Opel style language. Looks like something a desperate bean counter at GM of Europe told Opel they needed.

    It looks like the Beat/Groove/Trax concepts. The Beat has been seen tested so maybe it’s based on that.

    As for the US. It’s been reported that Buick will be taking over the Opel styling from Saturn and this wouldn’t fly in a Buick showroom. Hopefully Chevy will get the Beat/Groove/Trax whatever it is when it comes out.

    Personally I like these City Cars and Mini Cars. It’s about time for them to be in the US. Cars for people who live in big cities!

  2. I hate these Scion like vehicles, but that’s just me. I kinda look at them as niche vehicles, aimed at a certain segment of consumers. I’d rather see GM, Ford and Crystler focus on the meat and potatoes of their business instead of working on too many small segments. Later, when things are stabilized a little then I can see more niche vehicles.

  3. Vince, this is the Chevy Beat…from last year…remember the contest GM/Chevy ran…just another of GM’s “let’s get it to Europe Now, and screw US until a year later” schemes…

  4. this kind of vehicle is the reason I believe GM should KEEP SATURN:
    as a Buick-Junior for small cars/Cuvs that can be optioned up waaaay beyond Scion & the others

  5. It would make an awesome Hummer with just a touch more ground clearance.
    I think Hummer needs something in the spirit of the Willis Jeep; small, cheap, able to go almost anywhere (except perhaps on long interstate drives).

  6. Thumb up. Great competition for Scion, Honda Fit and other A-class type cars. Do bring it over and please don’t water it down (styling and content).

  7. The headlamps and grille look like something Chrysler would design. But other than that, I like it.

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