Volvo S60 concept

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Get rid of the glass roof and the suicide doors. Tone down the interior and you have the new 2010 Volvo S60.

A nice looking car. Too bad it shares the melted front end from the XC60.
And I’m not sure if it’ll get a larger audience than the current model.

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  1. Four-door coupe, heh? From the look of the door handles, it seems the rear door is opened toward the back (similar to Rolls) .. but the rake of the rear door is too steep to actually make it possible.

  2. Volvo is now taking chances with design, and they are indeed hitting the ball out of the park. Just like XC60 will be a hit so will this. The coupe like profile is very reminiscent of the Jaguar XF. Thats a plus. This car is is absolutely beautiful from all angles from front to to end. This car will be a best seller if the production model stays true to the concept mostly….This will definitely give the the Audi A6, Lexus GS/ES, BMW 5-Series, Cadillac CTS, Mercedes E-Class a run for the money. Volvos are good cars but hardly get the recognition they deserve. At least one Swedish brand is worth saving. can’t say the same for Saab. Out of 10 this car gets a 9.

  3. Nice but no savior. I was hoping for more from the new Volvo head of design. At least it’s a bigger step forward than the current S80…

  4. If Ford stops making it and the new owner has a reputation for reliability, it is on my list. I agree that the front is a little odd, but, I think overall it looks great.

  5. NOw that sweden is promising $billions to the makers of volov aand saab, ford may not need to sell after all.

  6. What was wrong with the Volvo 240 GL?
    It was practical, safe and extremely Swedish!!!
    This thing is a freaking a cheap XF. None of these concept features will make it, only the lines perhaps but no Volvo enough.

  7. Wow, this car is beautiful. I love everything about it. I love the way Volvo is going woth its design. An art car manufacturer.

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