What am I driving this week???

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  1. An expensive Infiniti. They used to be afordable, but not anymore. Enjoy it Vince and Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

  2. Pretty sure that’s an EX35. I have a G37 but the big difference is I didn’t see the redline mark of the G37’s tach. so this is without a doubt, the Ex35

  3. Yes, I am the lucky driver of an Infiniti EX this week.
    I will report on my G37X Coupe very soon too.

  4. You are driving some piece of shit Infinity.

    Have fun with it, I owned two and wasn’t thrilled with either. I sold my 2005 G35 coupe which was a terrible vehicle. After only 6 months of ownership it rattled and squeaked more than an 80’s Chevy. My previous vehicle was another Infinity (2003 G35 sedan) which I also wasn’t that happy with for the same reasons. Both got terrible gas mileage and the dealer service wasn’t that great. My father in law is a director at a local dealership so I got amazing deals, still not amazing enough to keep me with the brand.

    Driving an ’09 TL now and I couldn’t be happier…

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