2010 Buick lacrosse video

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Including an unbearable soundtrack music. You know, the fake modern stuff to make you feel Buick is a brand that the under 30 crowd might actually consider….

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  1. Wow! I was “vogueing” while I watched and listened!
    Anyway, nothing spectacular or unique but it is nice they brought back the classic Buick “sweepspear” character line on the fenders. Maybe next year they’ll chrome it?

  2. Yuck, another high beltlined car. Maybe I’m the only one who hates the feeling of riding on the floor. And a door that goes up to your head. Is it too much to ask they build a little visibility into these things? Even the rear visibility must not be so great if they need backup cameras. And the need for sensors to tell you there is a semi tractor in your rear quarter panel blind spot.

    Keep it.

  3. Oh come on, Vince, Buick isn’t totally incapable of cool cars because they’ve, you know, dropped the ball the last 15 years.

    But yeah, that tech, house, whatever the hell it is, is annoying.

  4. Not horrible, looks nice, probably still would not buy it, still kinda boring, but, then again so is lexus, mercedes, bmw, acura is actually just ugly.

  5. If they revamp their logo, I think they have a winner. The current logo just turns me off even though it’s attatched to a beautiful car. Is this how Hyundai bashers feel?

  6. Great looking inside and out, they don’t need that music to sell this thing. Sometimes people try too hard to be cool.

  7. If I was running Buick – I wouldn’t invest too much time and energy in trying to appeal to the ‘under 30’ crowd. [Especially when it comes to marketing a sedan] They’re not the ones buying the majority of NEW cars anyways. [Regardless of body style] Besides – a GOOD CAR will appeal to every age group. The new LaCrosse looks good. And it’s just as likely to look good through the eyes of someone in their 20’s as it will to someone in their 60’s. Craig!! 🙂

  8. I agree with Canada Craig… Buick should not attempt to appeal to the under 30 crowd, with this car anyway. But I do think that they could offer an enthusiast model of some sort, like they did with the Grand National back in the 80s.

  9. that is NOT house. not even close! sounds like some homeless person playing with a casio in the back of a walmart

    did mercedes realize what it was doing when it unleashed its cls monstrosity?

  10. Sorry this is slighty off topic but, it was just announced, the Chinese looking Regal is coming to the USA. Different engines though…obviously.

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