2010 Buick LaCrosse

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A very nice looking sedan.
And the interior has a real personality.
It comes with the new 3.0 Liter V6, while the top of the line model has the 3.6 Liter.

But it sure is shiny inside. Plenty of bright finish everywhere. Maybe a bit much….

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  1. This car is reeeaaaally nice! Good job GM! I read some specs on it and I can’t believe, fully loaded, it’s gonna weigh close to 4200 lbs. Yikes! I’m sure fully loaded it’ll be about $40k also. I know it’ll be a little smaller than the new Taurus but I still think this car is gonna steal alot of sales from the Taurus.

  2. Jeeeeeeeeeesus.

    I don’t even LIKE American cars and this is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

    That is saying something.

  3. Don’t you “a bit too much” me Mr. Touchy-Feely interior Guy Burlapp. It looks juuuuust right, like Goldilock’s porridge. I mean, they’re supposed to be a competitor to Lexus, right?

    Car looks slightly snub-nosed, I wish the front was a little curvier– like the Riviera or Velite concepts. But a nice looking vehicle all around, WAY better than the googly-eyed, muppet-mates-with-arachnid bastard child current version.

    -Some Guy

  4. Wasn’t Buick once upon a time building “okay” built but rather conservative styled cars?!

    And now: WOOOW, what a superb design!!! Hope the quality is as fine as it looks too – then it should be a real success for Buick!

  5. Look at that stupid line going down the side…Makes it look like a pinched turd…Why would any designer find that dipping line a nice look?

  6. The main problem is that this car will be overpriced…John M above thinks that this will steal sales from Ford Taurus…well, I bet you’ll be able to get almost 2 Taurus for the price of this one…

    Workmanship up, price down is the only way more vehicles will get sold. Throw a 210 4 cyl 6 speed in it, and make it the price leader by a couple grand, then let’s see who’ll sell these like hotcakes!

  7. Futuristic — yet boring. Wood strip on the dash is too tiny– can’t tell if its wood, tortoise shell, or just a goofy swirly design. Kinda reminiscent of past Riverias, but not quite refined enough to be that classy. Won’t stand up to scrutiny for Mercury or Chrysler buyers, but more than enough to pasify the altzimers patients who gravitate towards the lazy mushy stile of a Lexus. ITS A SUCCESS! (Target-market wise; not style or taste wise.)

  8. nice looking. but i’d get a mazda6before i bought this GM. Taurus is all new 2010. if the accord looked this good, coupled with Hondas fit, finish, and reliability, it’d sell even more ridiculous amounts than it already does.

  9. Someone at GM equates cheap looking bright chromework with expensive looking interior. There alwats seems to be a bit of that “old” GM lurking about. Beautiful exterior design BUT I’d need to see the interior in person to be convinced this is a fully developed product that could compete Europe and Japan.

  10. This car looks great! I’m not sure how GM is positioning Buick vs. Caddy but this looks nicer than the current STS.

  11. Yeah…You would need to get one in white or black to hide that stupid dipping line down the side…Or a bucket of Bondo.

  12. Imagine if the Accord had looked this good…

    Imagine if GM had made anything as good as an Accord.

  13. If the wood is real veneer, then I’ll be impressed. Like with the Entourage, it is a beautiful vehicle but the chintzy plastiwood keeps it out of Lexus territory. Overall though, this car is stunning. If GM didn’t cut corners where they don’t think people will notice, well, they will notice because they’re looking closer than ever.

  14. the word “La crosse” means masturation in the french speaking region of canada.

    mitsubishi also named oen of their car after masturbation, the name for their pajero SUV apparently means “masturbator” in spanish.

  15. Looks good except for the strange character bulge over the rear door handle. Rear end is a complete ripoff of the Lexus flagship sedan. I have mixed feelings about the blue fluoroscopic display and woodgrain dash which seems to clash. It will sell at 29K but over that and people will switch to a Japanese luxury brand.

  16. Im sure the shininess has to do with the lighting.

    Read somewhere in the past where GM wanted Buick to be the lexus fighter. They should have been building this type of car all along if they really wanted to do that.

    Hope it is not too little too late.

  17. I think it’s humorous reading the negative comments here about the character lines on the flanks. It’s obvious that many have no clue that this is the classic Buick “sweepspear” styling from the early 1950’s used in some fashion by Buick into the late 1970’s. Portholes in the fenders have also reappeared (although now repositioned into the hoodline). Personally I like that Buick is carrying on these styles along with the classic Buick waterfall grille. I DO think however, that Buick is making a BIG mistake by not renaming this beauty the Invicta, another classic name from their past. The Lucerne should be the Electra and the Enclave should be the Roadmaster. IMHO the MOST beautiful buick EVER was the 1966 Riviera (Google for a pic). But heck I’m just an old fart with memories of the glory days of Buick. I guess the new generations like generic styling and alpha-numeric naming conventions instead.

  18. the word “La crosse” means masturation in the french speaking region of canada.

    So thats why GM rebadge their vehicles.

  19. Reminds me a bit of those 70s US cars where the designers obviously wanted to do long and sleek but had to squeeze it all onto a short platform. That said its not too bad. I’ve been moving toward the idea that Americans have become overcritical of their cars, and aren’t looking forward enough to what their companies are trying to do today.

  20. “the word “La crosse” means masturation in the french speaking region of canada.”

    Who cares about Quebec slang? Slang changes every day. To the rest of the civilized world LaCrosse is a field sport common in well-to-do neighborhoods. The car itself looks amazing. A huge improvement over the gaudy nasty one it will be replacing. I hope the material quality of the cabin is up to par with Audi, or at least Lexus.

  21. “Much better looking Malibu.”

    I agree. And I think the Malibu is one of the best looking sedans available.

  22. A huge improvement over the gaudy nasty one it will be replacing.

    I totally agree with that. The current car represents one of the laziest design efforts since the A-body cars (Celebrity/Ciera/Century/6000).

    This new LeCrosse is what Buick should have given us five years ago. GM is always playing catch up.

  23. Anonymous "old fart" said: "I guess the new generations like generic styling and alpha-numeric naming conventions instead." The truth is, that 1)Simple generic designs take less time to do, cost less to tool & build; 2)The market for "car guys" is a very small part of the overall market (ie; most people don't care); 3)It's cheaper to advertise the Brand & several alpha-numerics than to try achieving name recognition for each individual model; and 4)Toyota, Honda, Mercedes have all made a killing pushing generic slop to the masses and not getting into the details. It's all economics, and has nothing to do with what us young people "like".

  24. nice car. unfortunately, they should have been putting out competitive cars like this 20 years ago. my guess is that this is too late for buick. the brand just may have too much baggage. and let’s not even get into the chances of GM going down the toilet.

  25. I’ve been looking at this car for three days and I’m amazed at how much I like it. This is sleeker than any Lexus, Mercedes or BMW. I’d put it alongside Audi. I’m slightly over 30 and can afford almost any car I want and this is the first car that may get me into a Buick (or any GM) dealership. I know that GM can build world class cars… they do on every other continent except ours. So if they’ve finally gotten their act together in the US, maybe “buying a Buick” will finally stop sounding so ridiculous. The one thing that I’d need to see is real wood veneer in a darker color. Maybe ebony. Amazing job GM.

  26. Good looking car inspired by the Lexus GS model. Whether the new LaCrosse is successful will depend on how it drives and what it costs.

    A few comments above referred to the new Honda Accord as being inferior in styling. Well, that’s a matter of opinion, but the Accord is a fantastic value considering its reliability, quality, and driving dynamics.

    A top-of-the-line Accord sedan with a V6 engine and navigation costs under $30K (before taxes, etc.). Can the Buick beat that for value?

  27. stickered between 25-36000 .. so yes, i think buick can beat it for the value. can’t wait to see one in our showroom.

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