2010 Cadillac SRX Video

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It’s alive!

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  1. The front looks nice, but why did they could have deviated from the Vue a lot more. And a Caddy should ONLY be made in the USA, not Mexico.
    And I spit on Lutz and Wagner for making a SAAB there too. WTF?

  2. It looks like the suspension is teeter-tottering a lot. It could be camera movement, but it could also be a throwback to the good old “Cadillac ride.”

    Let’s hope the Saab version handles.

  3. so my bailout money is going to pay for the Mexicans! 🙂

    wht no music??? and where the heck are the town people!? i Michigan really that dead! 🙂

  4. I like the way only one exhaust pipe seems to be working. And here I thought it was dual exhaust. And why isn’t this a 2 mode hybrid?

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